All Stars

Updated Thursday May 10, 2018 by LYB.

Ever been curious about what All-Stars is all about? 

Great News for LYB – We are hosting THREE of the All-Stars District Tournaments this year!

LYB has been chosen to host the Rookie, Major 12U/70, AND the Senior 13-15.  This is a huge opportunity for us to show off our league and has potential to attract new families.  To do this, we need your help.  We are looking for a variety of volunteers to help with the Tournaments.  It can be a lot of fun and it’s a great way to meet some of the Babe Ruth District Officials.  Here are the roles we need to fill.

Three Tournament Directors -  You do not need to be a Board Member.  Your child does not need to be selected for All-Stars, in fact it may be better if you don’t have a child playing due to rules on cheering for a particular team or player.  As the Tournament Director, you will be responsible for:

1.            Total operation of the tournament.

2.            Rescheduling games if canceled due to inclement weather.

3.            Meet with team members, managers, and coaches upon arrival and obtain team credentials and eligibility documents and retain them until team is eliminated.

4.            Conduct orientation for managers, coaches, and umpires. i.e. Review all tournament rules and regulations as well as any ground rules.

5.            Ensure the games start on time.

6.            Serve as liaison with the managers and coaches.

7.            Checking the paperwork of all tournament teams.

8.            Provide tournament protest committee.

At least three Scorekeepers – preferably 6 or 9 individuals willing to take shifts. As the Official Scorekeeper, you will be responsible for:

1.            The official scoring record for each game will be maintained by the official scorekeeper designated by tournament officials. 

2.            This scorebook will serve as the official record of the tournament.  Teams may designate their own scorekeeper, but in doing so must understand that their scorebook will not be taken into account if issues arise. 

3.            Team-assigned scorekeepers may not be in the dugout or playing field for any reason.  They are to refrain from interrupting the flow of a game for any reason.

At least three Game Announcers – preferably 6 or 9 individuals willing to take turns or shifts.  As the Game Announcer, you will essentially be the Sports caster for the game.  Announcing players and positions, any announcements that need to be made, who is at bat, etc.

Concession Stand Workers – As many as we can get.  You don’t have to work the entire tournament – you can pick a game, or a one hour shift during a game.  We need: adults 18 or older to prepare food on the grill or in the fryers; adults or children 15 or older to run the cash register and take orders; adults or children 13 or older to make snow-cones, assist in getting food out to customers, and run water and/or Gatorade out to the umpires, scorekeepers and announcers.

The Tournament Dates are:  

Rookies and Major 12U/70 – Starts June 20, 2018 and depending on the number of teams will conclude by the 24th. 

Seniors 13-15 – starts June 27, 2018 and should conclude by the 30th.

See any Board Member for additional details or to sign up.